Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Your Invited.....

March Activity

For our March activity the Relief Society Presidency help Visiting teaching interviews with the sisters in our ward.  We also had Sister Goodwin bring a few Humanitarian projects for the sisters to work on while they waited for their interview. 

 Sister Riley sewing pajama bottoms
 Supplies for quilts, and pajamas

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Polar Express Activity

 Our December activity was quite a surprise for some sisters.  We as an enrichment committee had been planning it for months.  The sisters in our ward were challenged by the Stake to make 12 quits, as you can see in the pictures the sisters went above and beyond. 
 The sister's showed up and we started with a little devotional with this clip from Elder Busche of the 70.

We then told the sisters that we would be dividing up in groups to deliver the quilts.  The Relief Society Presidency made the list and we went on our way delivering quilts to different families in the ward.
 We then came back and had a hot chocolate bar and an ornament exchange. It was definitely a night we will never forget!

Cooking Demo/Pie Night

For our November Activity Sis.Jessica Sharp taught us some tips and tricks when working with pie dough, rolls, and pasteries.
All the sisters who came brought a pie along with the recipe.

 The sisters all grabbed a pie tin and filled it with all sorts of slices of pie.

So many choices!

Monday, October 22, 2012

November Enrichment Activity

Our Fabulous Friday was well Fabulous!

Thank you Thank you for all our awesome Enrichment ladies did a great job!  Also Thank you everyone who brought food, set up tables, helped out with the nursery, cleaned up, and for the Relief Society Presidency for organizing the dinner!
You guys are all great and made Friday such a great night!

Thank you ladies for the Fabulous night out!